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Perimeter fencing is your 1st line of defense from unwanted visitors

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We help making your fencing project a success at minimum cost

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Neatly & Professionally installed fence… still giving you line of sight but unpenetrable

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Get your property perimeter secured with an Electric fence.... even the brave will dare not touch

perimeter fencing

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Everywhere in the world, security is becoming an ever increasing MUST HAVE. Perimeter security need not be visually offensive nor should it obscure the views of your potential customers.

If you are a newcomer to fencing, or if you need help selecting the correct fencing which will best suit your application, first choose the type of animal you would like to control e.g. Thieves, Game, livestock, horses, pets etc… Then feel free to contact us….. Our well trained staff will assist you immediately.

We provide a full range of attractive, reliable products for your Home and Business physical protection from simple domestic requirements, to high security government and industrial installations.

ClearVuDeveloped in collaboration with the architectural profession ClearVu Invisible Wall is the world’s only design inspired, recognised high security barrier.

With this distinctive, ClearVu’s crisp, unobtrusive finish enhances the appearance of any facility.

Besides unparalleled appearance, durability and cost-effectiveness. ClearVu Invisible Wall is approved as Category IV type fencing system – complying with the specifications detailed as the strongest Fencing system there is in the market.

  • Considered the world’s most advanced fence
  • Protection of a wall in an Invisible form
  • Highly transparent / Unobtrusive
  • Difficult to cut
  • Difficult to climb
  • 25 year guarantee in normal environments
  • Defence rated 4 type fence
  • Patent Protected

ClearVu Reinforced is a patented combination of High Density Mesh (Anti – Cut, Anti – Climb – Apertures too narrow for finger and foothold) and integrated framework of Ceramic composite filled rectangular tube (Highly resistant to cutting with a hacksaw, reciprocating saw, angle grinder or acetylene torch). ClearVu Reinforced is the only fence worldwide capable of withstanding these aggressive, now more common tools.

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