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Virtually any garage door or driveway gate can be fully automated.

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Gate automation made easier… You don’t have to be around to grant access to your relatives & friends

Open your Gate from anywhere in the world

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Open & Close your Garage Door at the push of a button for a price you can afford

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Your phone Is Your Key of Access

gates & garage door automation

It’s not anyone’s idea of fun to battle the elements on a dark, stormy winter’s night, grappling with the keys to open your garage door. Imagine arriving home and at the simple touch of a button, driving straight into your garage without having to leave the comfort of your car. Our range of electric door operators can bring you this touch of luxury at a surprisingly low cost. Choosing to fit one of our operators won’t change your life, but it will make it just a little bit more comfortable.

gatemotorVirtually any garage door or driveway gate can be fully automated.

Can you imagine watching television without a remote control? It’s hard to unimaginable. And yet do you still get out of your car, walk to your yard gate, grudgingly open it, walk back to your car, drive through the gate and then run back to close it? Or for reasons of convenience, do you leave your gate open all the time allowing anyone access to your property?

There’s a better way: with modern yard gate drives. These have long been affordable and install quickly. A simple press of the button is all that is needed and the gate opens itself fully automatically.

Isn’t it time you rewarded yourself with this daily convenience of opening your Swing gate or Sliding gate by just a press of a button

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