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Seeing the unseen

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Banking| Health Care| Construction| Schools| Home| Offices ..... CCTV FOR EVERY NEED

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High Definition Analogue & IP CCTV

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Flecon Technology Systems offers the broadest selection of IP and Analogue cameras designed for security surveillance in a wide variety of commercial and industrial settings. From our industry-leading fixed and high-speed IP cameras to panoramic, thermal imaging, explosion proof and more, we offer a camera for any environment, any lighting condition and any application.


Banking & Finance

banking and finance

Money, finance and security businesses are vulnerable to constant threats. Flecon Technology understands the unique needs of these industries and offer reliable solutions that you can bank on! Flecon Technology’s Smart Banking Surveillance Solution boasts powerful, intelligent functionalities. These functionalities are embedded with advanced technology to help you integrate your financial facilities – from branch offices to service centers to treasuries – into a centralized monitoring solution that is easy to implement, manage and integrate. Flecon Technology helps you conduct effective surveillance of bank assets, manage the security of your clients and personnel, protect restricted areas, and secure ATM areas with unwavering reliability. And there’s more – Flecon Technology surveillance solutions also improve accountability, efficiency and customer satisfaction for better business



The Flecon Technology Smart Solution for Hotels is a complete IP surveillance system for hotel security. The solution provides around-the-clock protection with industry-leading low-light technology, automated vehicle access control with Flecon Technology ’s automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) module, and automatic event alerts with Flecon Technology ’s Smart detection. The Smart Solution includes integrated IP products such as IP cameras, NVRs, and video management software — helping to create a reliable, flexible security platform for hotels.

Industrial Park



The Flecon Technology’s Smart Solution for Industrial Parks is total IP system for productivity and parking security. The solution provides around-the-clock protection with industry leading low light technology, automated vehicle access control with Flecon Technology’s ANPR module, and automatic event alerts with Flecon Technology’s Smart detection. Including integrated IP products from IPC, NVRs, and Video Management Software, Flecon Technology’s Smart solution can build a reliable, fully compatible and flexible video platform for industrial parks.



Flecon Technology’s Smart Parking Security Solution makes security easy. With Smart functions, our surveillance cameras, recorders, and access controllers work for you, making your job easy. With a powerful central management platform, cameras that capture sharp colour images in extremely low-light environments, automated vehicle number plate recognition, and much more, Flecon Technology  provides everything your parking area needs to ensure efficient, intelligent management – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Supermarkets & Convenience Stores


Supermarkets and convenience stores provide us with the essentials of life. They support families and communities in every locale around the world as a vital part of our homes, neighbourhoods, and lives – every day. Because of this, they are also vulnerable to subtle dangers. Flecon Technology is dedicated to developing the most advanced video surveillance technology in affordable, convenient, and vitally effective packages for today’s security needs.

More than just security, the Smart Solution 2.0 packs the most advanced technologies into complete end-to-end solutions for shopping areas of any kind. Video surveillance, business intelligence, parking area data, and more all come together in flexible and powerful components from the world’s number one security solution provider.



Safe public transportation is a worldwide concern, especially responding quickly to traffic accidents and guarding against potential terrorist attacks on transportation facilities. In addition, increased passenger loads and more complex transportation hubs call for a central management system to safeguard against unlawful activities such as pick pocketing, disorderly behaviour, and so on.

Schools and Campus Solution


The opportunity to exchange ideas and gain understanding should never be compromised by issues of safety and school security. Flecon Technology Systems recognizes the unique security, budget and infrastructure challenges faced by educational institutions. And our solutions provide a safe environment so students and staff can focus on what matters most – learning.

Today’s video security technologies are ideal for the demands of campus environments. From single-building complexes to multi-facility institutions spread over tens of acres, Flecon Technology Systems delivers reliable, high-quality, cost-effective solutions that meet your specific school security.

Importantly, perhaps no other market is moving faster toward the implementation of network-based video security. And Flecon Technology Systems is right there every step of the way with the broadest selection of IP cameras and network-based video management systems.

Hidden Security (Spy) Cameras

spy camera

Hidden security (Spy) cameras, which are also known as hidden surveillance cameras, hidden spy cameras, and covert cameras, are often the best type of camera when the goal is to monitor people and property secretly. As seen in the product choices on this page, hidden surveillance cameras are concealed in housings to look like smoke detectors, PIR alarm motion sensors, fire sprinklers, and other inconspicuous objects.

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